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Items from the 1980's


1980s Computron     (Children's Computer or Game)
early 1980's Tektronix Apple II     (Computer)
1985 YPC-1000 Basic-alpha     (Computer)
1980 Speak & Read     (Children's Computer or Game)
1980 Master Pack for the Compukit UK 101     (Children's Computer or Game)
1980 MicroAce Microcomputer     (Analog Computer)
1982 Commodore Computer Video Games     (Children's Computer or Game)
1982 NewBrain     (Analog Computer)
1983 Horse Race Analyzer     (Computer)
1984 Sensor Robot 20     (Children's Computer or Game)
1987 Informer 207     (Computer)
1988 Avon Beauty Vision Personal Color Computer     (Portable Computer)

Peripheral Items

1970s or 1980s Computer Devices Minifile     (Peripheral Device)
1980s Diskette Drive Cleaning Solution     (Other)
1980 Matchbook with matches - Wang     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)
2222 Motor Drive Simulator    
1975 Sperry Coffee Cup     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)
1981 Wang Floppy Disks     (Peripheral Device)
1982 Computer Games Album     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)
1983 Quazon Quick-Link 300     (Peripheral Device)
1983 Terminology Computer Flash Cards     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)
1984 High speed digital data pack     (Peripheral Device)
1984 Wang Diskettes     (Peripheral Device)


1980 Data Acquisition Handbook     (User Manual)
1980 1001 Things To Do With Your Personal Computer     (Book)
1980 Apple Orchard     (Magazine/Periodical)
1980 Kilobaud Microcomputing 1980 April     (Magazine/Periodical)
1980 ADM-3A+ Dumb Terminal Video Display Unit Users Reference Manual     (User Manual)
1980 Kilobaud Microcomputing 1980 May     (Magazine/Periodical)
1980 Kilobaud Microcomputing 1980 July     (Magazine/Periodical)
1980 Kilobaud Microcomputing 1980 August     (Magazine/Periodical)
1980 Kilobaud Microcomputing 1980 September     (Magazine/Periodical)
1980 Kilobaud Microcomputing 1980 October     (Magazine/Periodical)
1980 Kilobaud MicroComputing October 1980     (Book)
1980 HP 9825 Desktop Computer Quick Reference     (User Manual)
1981 System/48 Users Guide     (User Manual)
1981 Cromemco Spring 1981 Catalog     (Marketing Material)
1981 Interactive Magazine     (Magazine/Periodical)
1981 The Computer Magazine for Home, Business and School - Computers and Programming     (Magazine/Periodical)
1981 Popular Science The What's New Magazine     (Magazine/Periodical)
1981 Practical Computing     (Magazine/Periodical)
1982 Printer Options for the 820/820-II Personal Computers     (Marketing Material)
1982 The Microcomputer Builder's Bible     (Book)
1983 Osborne Executive Guides     (User Manual)
1983 School of Computer Training Series     (User Manual)
1983 The Xerox 1800 Portable Computer System     (Marketing Material)
1983 Super Six S-100 Single Board Computer Technical Manual     (User Manual)
1984 Cracking the Code on the BBC Micro     (Book)
1984 Inside the Personal Computer     (Book)
1985 Goddard Space Flight Center Newsletters     (Magazine/Periodical)
1985 Keep Your Apple Running     (User Manual)
1986 The Computer as an Educational Tool     (Book)
1987 The World's Best Computer Jokes     (Book)
Mid A68KPM Single Board Computer User's Manual     (User Manual)