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 YEAR: early 1980's
 COMPANY: Tektronix
Click here for further information on our rarity scale RARITY: Unknown
Tektronix Apple II

A view of the vintage Tektronix Apple II an important part of computer history
This is a very rare Apple II clone, supposedly made by Tektronix. However, the only item inside with a Tektronix branding is the power supply. Apple II clones were popular from 1980 to 1983, and there are literally hundreds of varieties. This model is inside a pressed steel case, which was cheaper to manufacture than PVC. There is a breadboard section, which is common in German clones and easy to work with. The system boots up with the Apple II text at the top of the screen. The connections on the back are slightly odd (see pictures), and the top panel is secured with velcro (???). Special thanks to the personnel of for the information provided for this entry.

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Looking through the top panel Another angle of the top panel removed. Straight on down of the top panel. Top and keyboard panels removed. Hopkins part. Back view of video outs. Overhead view of the main board. Front shot with both included disk drives. Rear shot of unit with drives. Notice that this connector just hangs out? Drive #1 serial plate. Drive #2 serial plate. Photo of included documents. top/front view of the computer