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 YEAR: September 1981
 PUBLISHER: The Computer Magazine for Home, Business and School
 Volume: 21  Number: 5
Click here for further information on our rarity scale RARITY: Unknown
The Computer Magazine for Home, Business and School - Computers and Programming

Computers and Programming was a magazine highlighting the current news of the technology world. This volume addresses microcomputer theory and understanding the heart of every computer as well as understand the CP/M, a popular Disk Operating System that came the closest to a standard in the computer field. It also explains current computer construction projects and how to go about choosing the right floppy disk for your computer. Computers and Programming performs equipment reviews on products like the Xerox 820, U.S. Robotics Phone Link and Double DOS Plus from Tymac along with software reviews on software like NEWDOS 80, TellStar Astronomy Program and Roots. This magazine was a great read for the average computer enthusiast or someone looking to expand their knowledge on computers and all they have to offer.

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