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 YEAR: 1982
 ITEM: Analog Computer
 COMPANY: Grundy Business Systems Ltd.
RARITY: Not rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.



The Grundy NewBrain was a microcomputer sold in the early 1980s by Grundy Business Systems Ltd. of Teddington and Cambridge, England. This microcomputer's emphasis was on education, portable computing, programming and small business. The NewBrain has a CPU of 8 bits Zilog Z80A at 4MHz. It also comes with 32 KiB RAM and 24 KiB ROM. The NewBrain has composite video grpahics and an Input of 62 keys. Comes with NewBrain Beginner's Guide

The NewBrain project began in 1978 when Sinclair Radionics started design work with Mike Wakefield as the designer and Basil Smith as the software engineer. The project was supposed to provide competition to Apple and hardly matched up with Sinclair's focus on inexpensive consumer-oriented products. When Sinclair realized the NewBrain could not be made for the under 100 euros price he desired his thoughts turned to the ZX80 that was to be developed by his other company, Science of Cambridge Ltd.

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