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 YEAR: 1980
 ITEM: Analog Computer
 COMPANY: MicroAce
RARITY: Not rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

MicroAce Microcomputer


A couple months after Sinclair released its microcomputer the ZX-80, MicroAce released its version which is basically a clone of the ZX-80. The minor modification made to the MicroAce was the expansion to 2KB of RAM. The internal ROM was an exact replica of the Sinclair original. Because of this, Sinclair sued MicroAce but ran into some trouble because the judge could not actually see the ROM content that had been copied. After sometime, Sinclair became victorious because of the exact copy of the ZX-80 keyboard that the judge could see. Microace later ended the production of the 4KB ROM machine but later made an agreement with Sinclair for a licensed version of the ZX-81 to be put on sale only in kit form and only within the United States. They also made a "flicker-free board" for the ZX-80.

The built in language for this computer was no other than the Sinclair Basic. It has a membrane keyboard with 40 keys and 1 SHIFT key. The MicroAce also had a Z80 CPU and speed of 3.25 MHz. Comes with power cords and manual.

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