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 YEAR: 1983
 : edu-cards
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Terminology Computer Flash Cards


The Computer Flash Cards were designed to make it more fun to learn and become familiar with basic computer hardware and terminology. The Hardware cards consists of 36 cards with a 4-color illustration on one side with a corresponding term and definition on the reversed side. The Introductory Terminology and Terminology-Level 1 each consists of 36 cards with a term on one side and a corresponding definition on the reverse side. Both of these items have been designed for use on either side.

The individual views one card at a time and gives the answer which can be checked by turning to the reverse side of the card. To measure progress the individual keeps two separate piles of cards, the ones they have answered correctly and the ones which they have had difficulty, the "misses". After the full set of cards has been shown, the individual should be tested again on the "misses" pile until they would have mastered all of the cards.

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