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 YEAR: 1981
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System/48 Users Guide


What is known as The World's First MacroComputer, the TEI System/48 is a unique, state-of-the-art, modular Distributed Processing Computer System. It's design concepts were new and very powerful at the time in the early 1980s. The TEI System/48 offered great advantage over other computers of the day in important areas such as support and maintenance costs, and protection of investment. The World's First Macro Computer offered natural, modular solutions to the two classic problems of optimizing the initial installation, as it retained easy and economical expansion of the installation at any time to accommodate new or growing requirements.

The System/48's MAGIC Operating System was designed for the new MacroComputer concepts. MAGIC was a very fast, flexible software package that took full advantage of the new MacroComputer architecture available at the time.

The TEI System/48 Parallel Processing MacroComputer is a true Distributed Processing Syste with multiprocessor, multitasking capacity. This meant it could deliver batch and/or real time computer resource to a few or a large number of simultaneous users, without degrading CPU performance.

This System/48 User's Guide explains the system configurations of the computer, including its basic system, top view of System/48 Card Cage, System/48 Options, printers, cables, additional workstations as well as system upgrades. It also provides software information, the standard software for the System/48, a summary of MAGIC Operating System Commands, Optional High Level Languages, other software for the System/48, user licenses for System/48 software and the color reprint of System/48 AD.

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