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 YEAR: 1980
 ITEM: Digital Computer
 COMPANY: Quasar Data Products
RARITY: One Of A Kind   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.



This rare computer offered two horizontally mounted 8" drives. There is not much information on this computer. It ran on a Z-80 CPU and was sold with a C/PM 2.2 disk operating system. It is heavy...over 50 pounds. The computer came with two floppy disks. The one in the A drive was marked Master Disk QDP and the one in the B drive was marked
          1024 kbytes/Sec CLA.cuu
          Back-up disc for form & CU's

The site reports that this computer was unique in that it offered a startup menu. We will find out once we find a power cord (it got lost somewhere along the way before it came to us) and get this running.

Sometime between June and December of 1980 the company moved from Mitchell Drive in North Olmsted to Brecksville Rd in Brecksville, OH.

In June of 1980 the computer was advertised for $4995.00 and in December of the same year it was advertised at $4695.00. The specs were exactly the same in both ads.

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