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Items from the 1960's


mid 1960s Dr. Nim     (Children's Computer or Game)
1966 IBM Plug Board     (Computer Cards or Parts)
early 1960s Junior Electronic Computer     (Children's Computer or Game)
1961 Zuse Circuit Boards     (Computer Cards or Parts)
1963 Pastoriza Personal Analog Computer     (Analog Computer)
1965 Beckman Electrocomp Electric Heating Computer     (Analog Computer)
1966 American Basic Science Club Analog Computer     (Analog Computer)
1966 Think a Dot     (Children's Computer or Game)
1967 MAC-1 Mini-Analog Computer     (Analog Computer)
1967 Computer Trainer Model 650     (Computer)
1967 HP 2115A     (Computer)
1968 AMF Educational Computer Model 665/D     (Analog Computer)
1969 Kitchen Computer     (Computer)

Peripheral Items

1960 IBM Card Gauge     (Peripheral Device)
1960 IBM Punch Card Guage     (Peripheral Device)
19670000 ISEC 250 Custom Carrying Case     (Peripheral Device)
1960 Heathkit DC Oscilloscope     (Peripheral Device)
1963 Digi-Comp 1 Metal Sign     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)
1964 Spring Joint Computer Conference Matchbox     (Other)
1967 Heath Servo-Recorder     (Peripheral Device)
1968 Binary Playing Cards     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)
1968 System 21 Monitor     (Peripheral Device)


1960 Heathkit DC Oscilloscope Manual     (User Manual)
1960 Wireless World May 1960     (Magazine/Periodical)
1963 LAN-ELEC Digital Educational Computer Handbook     (User Manual)
1963 EAI Time Base Module Model 12.848 (1110 Variplotter© System) Manual     (User Manual)
1963 La Cybernetique     (Book)
1963 THINK magazine: 1963     (Magazine/Periodical)
1963 Electronic Associates Inc. High Sensitivity Module 12.819 (1110 Variplotter© System) Manual     (User Manual)
1965 Electronic Analog Computer Primer     (Book)
1965 The Development of Punch Card Tabulation (2)     (Book)
1966 Fire Control Technician 3     (User Manual)
1966 IBM cards: Dual Purpose    
1966 Electronic Associates Inc. TR-20 Manual     (User Manual)
1967 Electronic Computers MADE SIMPLE     (Book)
1967 Meccano Magazine     (Magazine/Periodical)
1968 EAI 1110 Variplotter Time Base Module     (User Manual)
1968 LAN-ALOG Analogue Computer Handbook (2nd Edition)     (User Manual)
1968 From Fingers To Computers     (Book)
1969 Computers and Automation Computer Affects Football Strategies     (Magazine/Periodical)
1969 The Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book 1969     (Marketing Material)
1969 Kitchen Computer Press Release #1     (Marketing Material)
1969 Kitchen Computer Press Release #2     (Marketing Material)