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The Computer Church
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About Us
image of the Electric Tabulating System (1889)
Electric Tabulating System (1889)

The “Computer Church” (officially, The Computer History Learning Center) will be home to a world-class collection of over 250 vintage computers and a library of thousands of pages of rare, unique and historically significant documents.

This collection of rare and vintage computers is one of the largest collections of historical computers in the United States. It is intended to foster education, encourage research and preserve items that are an integral part of computer history. Our goal is to provide a wide array of rare materials (hardware, software, magazines, newsletters, peripheral devices, books, advertisements, games and personal recollections) that can be used to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how computers have impacted, and continue to impact, our lives.

Mission Statement

Collect, conserve and display the history of computing with a special focus on participatory education while providing for academic research, the creation of new and imaginative educational materials, and the study of ways in which computing has and will continue to change our society.

Whenever possible, participatory exhibits and educational materials will be designed for the following:

  • Elementary & Middle school students
  • High school students
  • Senior Citizens