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image of the Electric Tabulating System (1889)
Electric Tabulating System (1889)

Computers: We appreciate donations of computers and related materials that are from 1981 and earlier. We acknowledge all donations, unless otherwise requested by the donor, on our website and with the display information for those items on display.

Magazines, Books, Documents: This collection is meant to be an educational tool, therefore we are looking for information sources (especially primary source information) whether it be from letters, magazines, pamphlets or other documents. We also will be making audio recordings from those individuals who were involved in the development of personal computing.

Time: We are looking for volunteers who can help us with many of the time-consuming tasks related to maintaining our collection and our building. If you wish to volunteer...anything from research to cleaning, feel free to contact us.

Financial: As with any nonprofit organization, we appreciate any monetary donations that you might wish to make. Remember, because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, you donations are tax deductible.

Information: You can also contribute through our StoryTeller's section (coming soon) and sharing your own stories and/or opinions on the history of computing.

Our Thanks to:
Mark Burnley, Philip M Cohen, Valerie Christensen, Mark Greenia, Richard Hirsch, Tommie Lee, Jack Arnold Smith, Dr. Mark Woyshville and many others.