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Thanks to Our Donors
image of the Electric Tabulating System (1889)
Electric Tabulating System (1889)

The generosity of those who have donated computers, peripherals, documents and even
volunteered their time has allowed us to build a premier collection of rare vintage personal
computers. Below is a partial list of our recent donors.
Binary Training Device:
ADM Business Systems Limited
ADM Binary Teacher
Donated by Mark Burnley of Liverpool, England

Mark sold us a rare Logikit analog computer made by Feedback Computing. He also donated an unusual binary traning device that shows binary code for fractions, squares, decimal units among others. The date of this is unknown but it is likely from the late 1960's.
Analog Computer:
Electronic Associates Incorporated (EAI)
Donated by the estate of Jack Arnold Smith of Auburn, Washington, USA

Our special thanks to David Smith, Jack's son, for arranging the donation and to Mrs. Smith for patiently storing the TR-48 in her home all these years! Their donation included several manuals and additional patchboard cables.
Digital Computer Documents:
Sphere Corporation
Sphere 1
Donated by Valerie Christensen (nee' Wise) of Farmington, Utah, USA

Valerie donated three pieces of correspondence between her father (Michael Wise, founder of Sphere Corporation) and Radio Shack about Michael Wise's role in the development of the TRS-80 computer.
Analog Computer:
Electronic Associates Incorporated (EAI)
TR-10 and TR-20
Donated by Dr. Mark Woyshville MD, of Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Dr. Woyshville used the TR-10 and TR-20 in his medical research. He kindly donated both computers plus manuals, patchboards and an Artonix Model 1613 three-axes oscilloscope among other items.
Analog Computer:
Electronic Associates Incorporated (EAI)
Donated by Richard Hirsch of Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Richard is a Life Fellow member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a member of the Executive Board of the Baltimore Section. Our thanks to Richard's daughter, Kelly, and grandson for coming along with Richard to help deliver the equipment right to our door. Richard donated a complete TR-20 setup with an EAI Digital Voltmeter, an EAI oscilloscope, a Hewlett-Packard Model 322 two channel strip-chart recorder, many manuals, and a very organized small cabinet of extra parts among other items.
Analog Computer Materials:
Remington-Rand, UNIVAC, etc.
Various Vintage Items
Donated by Mark Greenia of Roseville, California, USA

Mark donated several computer related items including some from the 1940's. His donations included two manuals for Remington Punch Card Accounting machine (both manuals were printed before I was born which makes them very, very old). He also donated a rare Remington-Rand UNIVAC tube from 1949, a UNIVAC punch card (the early kind with the round holes) and a UNIVAC magnetic tape on its original reel among other items.
1990's CPU Books and Journals
Various Vintage Items
Donated by Philip M Cohen, USA

Apple laptop computer
Apple Newton eMate 300
Donated by East Aurora, New York, USA

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NeXt Computer
Donated by Tommie Lee, Maryland, USA

Heathkit H-37 monitor and manual
Heathkit Items
Donated by Alex Bodnar, Chester County, Pennyslvania, USA

Alex also donated a cassette tape for the Heathkit H-11 computer.
Apple 5 1/4" disks, four manuals & a Watson Telephone Management System
Various Vintage Items
Donated by James, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Electro-Scientific tape drive & related equipment
Analog Computer Items
Donated by Mike Carter, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

Comdyna Controller
Analog Computer Items
Donated by Mario Iacobaccio, Beloeil, Quebec, Canada

Digital computer
American Telephone & Telegraph Inc.
AT&T PC6300
Donated by Steve Korchnak of Columbiana, Ohio

Steve sold us an IBM 5120 computer which he had taken good care of. He also donated a 1984 AT&T computer along with the monochrome display monitor (model 313) that came with it.

Our Thanks to:
To our donors and to the many volunteers who have helped and who continue to help this museum grow.