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 YEAR: 1968
 PUBLISHER: LAN--Electronics LTD
 COUNTRY: England
Click here for further information on our rarity scale RARITY: Unknown
LAN-ALOG Analogue Computer Handbook

A view of the vintage LAN-ALOG Analogue Computer Handbook an important part of computer history

This handbook shows how to use the very rare LAN-ALOG computer made by LAN-Electronics in England. This is a scan of the Handbook and was originally printed in August 1968 (second edition).

The authors were J.R. Abrahams of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and J.R. L. Read of Enfield Collect in Enfield England.

Unfortunately, we do not know who sent us this scanned copy of the handbook. If you have any information on the handbook, please let us know.

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