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Items from the 1950's


late 1950's Donner Analog Computer Model 3500     (Analog Computer)
late 1950's PACE TR-48     (Analog Computer)
1955 Geniac     (Children's Computer or Game)

Peripheral Items

late 1950's Donner 3400 Problem Board     (Peripheral Device)
1955 Genica Pocket Calculator     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)
Late Abacus     (Miscellaneous Paraphernalia)


1950's Hollerith Business Card (Egypt)     (Marketing Material)
1950s or 1960s The analog way is the model way     (Marketing Material)
1950 Giant Brains or Machines That Think     (Book)
1950 Scientfic American November 1950     (Magazine/Periodical)
1952 Electronic Analog Computers     (Book)
1952 Electronic Analog Computers     (Book)
1952 Electronic Analog Computers     (Book)
1955 Introduction to Electronic Analogue Computers     (Book)
1956 Electronics and HI-FI home workshop     (Magazine/Periodical)
1956 Electronics Magazines     (Magazine/Periodical)
1956 The Proceedings of The Institution of Electrical Engineers     (Magazine/Periodical)
1957 Heathkit Electronic Analog Computer     (User Manual)