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 YEAR: May 1945
 PUBLISHER: The University of Chicago Press
 Volume: 1  Number: 4
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Linguistic Aspects of Science (International Encyclopedia of Unified Science)


This book was part of Claude Shannon's personal library.

Leonard Bloomfield was one of, if not the, leading linquist in the US in the early 20th century. Britannica Encyclopedia claimed that "almost alone determined the subsequent course of linguistics in the United States."1

Bloomfield is said to have influenced B.F. Skinner2 so it is certainly possible that this article was influential in Shannon's work in developing his theory of communication. This post-WWII era was a time of innovation in Information Theory with Shannon's A Mathematical Theory of Communication and Norbert Weiner's Cybernetics both being published in 1948.


2The Influence of Bloomfield's Linguistics on Skinner Maria de Lourdes R. da F. Passos, Maria Amelia Matos Behav Anal. 2007 Fall; 30(2): 133–151.

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