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 YEAR: July 15, 1951
 PUBLISHER: Der Fernmelde-Ingenieur Zeitschrift für Ausbildung und Fortbildung
[The Telecommunications Engineer Magazine for training and further education]

 Volume: 5  Number: 4
 COUNTRY: Germany
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Die Grundgedanken der modernen Theorie der Nachrichtenübertragung (Shannon'sche Theorie)
[The basic ideas of modern message transmission theory (Shannon's theory) ]


This publication was part of Claude Shannon's personal library.

This is an offprint of an article appearing in the German journal, The Telecommunications Engineer. The author used Dr. Shannon's well-known theory (A Mathematical Theory of Communication) published a couple years earlier as a basis of his article.

This offprint has an inscription on the cover to Dr. Shannon from the author of this article. The inscription reads, "To Dr. C. E. Shannon with compliments by the author"

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