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 YEAR: 1963
 ITEM: Manual/User's Guide
 PUBLISHER: Lan-Electronics, LTD.
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LAN-ELEC Digital Educational Computer Handbook

The LAN-ELEC Digital Educational Computer Handbook (first edition) was published by LAN-Electronics LTD and is dated December 1963. The handbook was written by two professors at Enfield College of Technology and seems to have been designed as a textbook for a university course.

The handbook consists of a

  • Preface,
  • Acknowledgements,
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Computer,
  • Chapter 2: Digital Computers and Boolean Algebra,
  • Chapter 3: Simple Logic Circuits,
  • Chapter 4: Computer Arithmetic,
  • Chapter 5: Problem Simulation,
  • Chapter 6: Digital Control Examples,
  • Appendix A: References for further Reading,
  • Appendix B: Maintenance Instructions for the LAN-DEC,
  • Appendix C: Lan-Dec Panel Drawings,
  • Last page ads for "High-quality low-cast teaching aids on th front side and ads for power units on the back side.

Tucked inside the handbook was a letter to G. B. Keene of the University of Exeter and dated July 28, 1964. (Prof. Keene was a member of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Exeter.) The letter acknowledges Prof. Keene's request for operating instructions for a power unit for the computer. The author of the letter states, "This Unit is in fact absolutely fool-proof in operation...". (They must have had some really wise fools in 1964...this leaflet requires an engineering degree!) The reply was "I regret no operating instructions exist for this Unit and would refer you to leaflet No. 35 enclosed." The leaflet is still attached (and, frankly, doesn't look like it would be very helpful).

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