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 YEAR: 1963
 COMPANY: LAN Electronics Ltd.
 COUNTRY: England
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LAN-Electronics Analogue Computer

A view of the vintage LAN-Electronics Analogue Computer an important part of computer history

Originally, the computer came with no documentation. However, we have an original owner's manual (see below).

The computer is composed of five separate units, see the "Images" section for photos. The units include [1] the main computing module which is pictured just to the left (LAN-ALOG type LA 4) and which has four potentiometers, [2] a patchboard (LD-20)which doubles as the power supply, [3] a second patchboard (LD-15), [4] a Counter Unit (LD 80 C) and [5] a Relay Control Unit (RCU-5). We powered up the LD-20 unit, which contains the power supply, and the power light went on. The cables that supply power from unit to unit appear to have some kind of 5-pin DIN interfaces, like a misshaped "5" on a die.

     We were surprised to find an old-fashioned (well, not old-fashioned for 1966) phone dial in the bottom right corner of each patchboard. We are not sure how that was used to enter data. See the "Images" section for closeups of the phone dials.

     Strangely, some of the units have bottom plates, and some do not. The ones that do not have bottom plates we assume never did, because there are no screw holes to adhere them.

     Another unusual feature is the size of the patch cord inputs. They are not the standard "banana plugs" of the era but are much smaller. Unfortunately, no patch cords came with this computer.

We are not sure when this computer was originally manufactured. We believe it to be in the mid-1960's. We base that on the "LAN-ELEC Digital Educational Computer Handbook" (see below) which is dated Dec. 1963. The computer may have been produced even earlier. If you have any information on this computer, please contact us.

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Click on any of the images below to see the slideshow.
LAN computer, arranged by best guess. LAN computer layout (angled shot). LAN arranged upright, it is impressive that way. Overhead shot of the Relay Control Unit and LD-20 Closeup of the meter on the main unit. Closeup of the knobs on the right of the meter. Knobs on the left of the meter. Closeup of the LAN-DEC 20 branding. Rotary telephone dial (notice the letters missing? Overhead shot of the counter unit and LD-15. Inside the main unit. Closeup of a set of four Relcon 5000 ohm resistors A few pretty resistors and diodes. Underneath the LD-15 unit. Underside of the LD-20 unit. Inside the main unit (overview). A marking underneath the relay control unit. Underneath the counter unit. Closeup of transformer and surrounding components. Underside of the relay control unit. Power relays A large 500uF capacitor. One of the operational amplifiers closeup. An integrated circuit dated the 44th week of 1966. Inside of the LD-20. A few 100 ohm resistors. A Newmarket transistor. Integrated circuit dated the last week of 1966. Serial for the LD-15. Serial for the relay control unit. Serial for the LD-20. Serial for the counter unit. Serial for the main unit. Front view of main computing unit.