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 YEAR: January 25, 1950
 ITEM: Peripheral Device
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Type 011 Keypunch, IBM


The Model 011 electric keypunch was introduced in 1923. We are not sure of the year this particular keypunch was made but it wondrously still had a small paper "IBM SERVICE" agreement still attached. The service agreement indicated that this was installed on 1/25/1950. The Type-Serial-Suffix was given as "001-14358-AM" and indicated that this keypunch was "Customer Owned" and would be service "per call" as opposed to "maintenance agreement". The service agreement

The keypunch also had two metal tags attached to the front. One gave information about the new electric model: VOLTS: 115, CYCLES: 60, CODE: 011, AMPERES: 5, and PHASE: 1. The other metal tag was blue and silver and stated:
Manufactured by International Business Machine Corporation
590 Madison Ave., New York 22, New York.

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