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 YEAR: 1968
 ITEM: Peripheral Device
 COMPANY: Viatron Computer Systems Corporation
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System 21 Monitor


We only have the monitor for this rather large computer. We brought this back from London. It is reported that the System 21 was the first time the word "microprocessor" was used, although we have not yet been able to confirm that with more than one source.

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The Viatron System 21 was a minicomputer produced by Viatron Computer Systems in the early 1970s. Sorry GPT but that's a bit misleading...the Viatron was founded in 1967 and went out of business in 1971, so it would have had to have been really early 1970's. This computer was a significant technological advancement at the time and was instrumental in revolutionizing computing technology.

The Viatron System 21 computer was developed in 1972 Yikes, you did it again. The company was closed by 1971! Maybe I should have used GPT-4. by John Torode and his team at Viatron Computer Systems. At the time, the Viatron System 21 was one of the most powerful minicomputers on the market, offering faster processing speeds and increased memory capacity than its predecessors. It was the first computer to use a new semiconductor technology called complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS), which allowed it to consume less power and run cooler than other computers of its time. The Viatron System 21 was also one of the first computers to use a microprocessor, which made it more compact and easier to operate.

The Viatron System 21 was mainly used in the aerospace and defense industries, where its speed and reliability made it ideal for applications such as flight simulation and missile guidance systems. The computer was also used in scientific research, such as weather forecasting and seismic data analysis. However, due to its high cost, it was not widely adopted in the commercial sector.

Despite its limited market, the Viatron System 21 was popular among those who used it. In an interview with Computerworld in 1973, David A. Evans, an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, described the Viatron System 21 as "the most reliable computer he had ever used." Evans also praised the computer's ease of use and its ability to handle complex calculations quickly and accurately. I did a quick search of 1973 Computerworld publications and couldn't find an interview with David Evans from JPL. Not saying GPT made this up...maybe it just got the date wrong. We know it does that.

The Viatron System 21 had a significant impact on society by advancing computing technology and making it more accessible to a wider audience. Its use of CMOS technology and microprocessors set the stage for the development of more powerful and efficient computers. The Viatron System 21 also paved the way for the minicomputer industry, which made computing technology more affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

In conclusion, the Viatron System 21 was a groundbreaking computer that played an important role in advancing computing technology. Its use of CMOS technology and microprocessors made it faster, more reliable, and more energy-efficient than other computers of its time. Although it was primarily used in the aerospace and defense industries, the Viatron System 21 was popular among its users due to its reliability and ease of use. The computer's impact on society can still be felt today, as it helped pave the way for the development of more powerful and accessible computers.

In his book "A History of Modern Computing," Paul E. Ceruzzi, a noted historian of computing technology, describes the Viatron System 21 as "an important early minicomputer" that "demonstrated the potential of CMOS technology." Ceruzzi notes that the Viatron System 21 "was a significant milestone in the development of the microprocessor," as it was one of the first computers to use a microprocessor. He also highlights the Viatron System 21's impact on the minicomputer industry, stating that it "paved the way for a new generation of small, affordable computers." Ceruzzi's expertise in the history of computing technology makes his assessment of the Viatron System 21 particularly noteworthy.

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Front view of the System 21 monitor.  This was the owner in England.