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 YEAR: 19670000
 ITEM: Peripheral Device
 COMPANY: ISEC Corporation
RARITY: Exceedingly Rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

ISEC 250 Custom Carrying Case


Custom wooden case designed to hold the ISEC 250 analog computer.

We have only the custom case, not the least not yet. We do not know the origins of the case other than it came from Moose Creek in Ontario, Canada. We don't know how it became separated from its computer. (Perhaps a disgruntled stock analyst defenestrated the computer from an Ottawa skyscraper after a particularly bad recommendation!) The case is matte black on the outside with a red-felt lining on the inside and it measures 17.5 x 9 x 10 inches. (The computer that it was designed for measured 16.5 x 7 x 9 inches.)

The ISEC 250 computer was a single-purpose was designed to assess the risk involved in buying and selling stocks. The Wall Street stock analyst would enter the latest information on a particular stock along with current market trends and the computer would make a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold the stock. The computer had a meter that showed that the stock was either a HIGH RISK (in red) or a LOW RISK (in green) or somewhere in between. The ISEC 250 was preloaded with information on over 2,000 stocks.

For more information, see the user manual here.

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   Doug Renner     Saint Paul, USA     December 22, 2022

       There's a beautiful ISEC 250 on eBay right now.

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Front view of custom case