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 YEAR: 1979
 COMPANY: Nixdorf
 COUNTRY: Germany
Click here for further information on our rarity scale RARITY: Unknown
Nixdorf LK-3000

The display is a 16 character, 16-segment alphanumeric LED with integral MOS-LSI display controller. The on-board function of this computer is to create a filing system by typing in a name and a code number for the file. The computer was designed to be used with other plug-in modules to broaden its capabilities. While this has the title of a computer it is not much of a computer at all. It's a case containing a display, a keyboard, associated control and decoding circuitry, batteries, a power plug, and a cartridge port and the reasons it sets itself apart froma computer is the fact that it has no processor, no memory, and zero functionality unless a cartridge is inserted.

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