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 YEAR: February 14, 1977
 ITEM: Periodical
 PUBLISHER: The Computer Faire
RARITY: Unknown   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

Silicon Gulch Gazette, Feb. 14, 1977


Yes, this first issue of the Silicon Gulch Gazette was really numbered "Volume 0, Number 0. (It's a computer programmer thing...) The first issue was distributed for FREE...after all, it was Valentine's Day.

The SGG was published by the Computer Faire about two months before the first West Coast Computer Faire was held. The purpose of this first issue of the Gazette was to hype the upcoming Faire. Most of the pages inside the issue deal with the West Coast Computer Faire: conference registration, soliciting speakers, where to stay, etc. But the Gazette also was intent on helping computer lovers to connect with one another. It sought computer clubs around the US and listed some of the computer stores in the US (along with one in Mexico and two in Canada).
This short blurb appears on the left top of the first page:


     Lots more interesting microprocessor and home computer tidbits will be included in the next issue of the Silicon Gulch Gazette, if all goes well, than we were able to rush into this issue. We have the information: we just didn't have the time to write it up and typeset it for this first issue.
     If you didn't receive this issue by mail, and wish to get the next issue -- for free, of course -- drop us a note with your name and address, saying, "Send me the Gazette."

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