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 YEAR: 1980
 PUBLISHER: Radio Shack
Click here for further information on our rarity scale RARITY: Unknown
3 Computing Books


Three books for programming and processing three different computers, the TRS-80, KayPro, and The CP/M.

TRS-80 Assembly-Language Programming was to help a TRS-80 user familiar with some of the concepts of programming in BASIC and introduce them to TRS-80 assembly language. The book is highly interactive, there are many programs that could have been assembled and loaded, or simply keyed in using the T-BUG. These programs illustrate the techniques of assembly language programming as they relate to the TRS-80.

Word Processing on the KayPro was for consumers considering buying a KayPro II, 4 or 10. It was also designed for people who already own a KayPro and want to learn Word Processing. This book was written by Peter A. McWilliams who also wrote The Personal Computer Book, The Word Processing Book and The Personal Computer in Business Book.

The CP/M handbook with MP/M was intended to teach how to use the CP/M and its resources. There was no prior knowledge needed. The book covered various versions of the CP/M including CP/M 1.4 and CP/M 2.2 along with the multi-user operating system called MP/M. This knowledge could also have applied to CP/M-compatible operating systems such as Cromemco's CDOS.

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