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 YEAR: 1957
 ITEM: Manual/User's Guide
 PUBLISHER: Heath Company
RARITY: Unknown   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

Heathkit Electronic Analog Computer ES-400

This is the User's Manual for the Heathkit ES-400 which was the first personal computer offered by Heath Company. The ES-400 was an analog computer that was offered in four different configurations: Small Computer ($520), Medium Computer ($760), Full Computer ($945) and Educational Computer ($1,550). In the 1957 catalog, the Small Computer was called the "Basic Computer Kit" and was only $495 and the Medium Computer was $775.
Several other rare documents accompanied this item. They included:
  • an 8 x 10 inch b&w glossy photo of a completed ES-400. no marking anywhere on the photo
  • two typewritten, stapled sheets of paper entitled, "Questions Most Asked About the Heathkit Analog Computer". There are 27 questions and answers.
  • article by Chalmer E. Jones (Assistant to the President of Heath Company) entitled, "The Functional Considerations for a low cost electronic analog computer". It is marked in the upper right corner, "Paper No. 55-25-3".
  • pamphlet entitled "Putting the Analog Computer to Work" by Carl Heald (Project Engineer for Heath Company. This is publication #20 in the part of the Engineers' Notebook series Number 20.
  • Eight one page handouts giving specifications for the ES-400 cabinet along with various parts. Each page is dated and all are from between April and June of 1959.
  • One four page color brochure describing the ES-400 and various parts. A price list is on the fourth page.
  • a single page Heathkit news release from the office of C. M. Edwards, the Advertising Manager, announcing the EC-1 Analog computer.
  • a stapled eight page handout describing the EC-1. The handout is dated November 18, 1959
  • an 8 x 10 inch b&w photo of the EC-1. The front is marked "EC-1 (L)". The backed is stamped "Borkowski Advertising, 215 West Navarre, South Bend, Indiana".

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