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 YEAR: 1969
 ITEM: Marketing Material
 PUBLISHER: Neiman-Marcus
RARITY: Not rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

The Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book 1969

A view of the vintage The Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book 1969 an important part of computer history
This catalog features one of the earliest, and least practical, personal computers offered to the public. The Honeywell Kitchen Computer was one of the most expensive items in the famous Nieman-Marcus catalog that was known for extravagant gifts. The Kitchen Computer was offered for $10,600.00. According to the description of the happy housewife "...she'll learn to program it with cross-reference to her favorite recipes by N-M's own Helen Corbitt. Then by simply pushing a few buttons obtain a complete menu organized around the entree." [Believe or not, the Helen Corbitt's Cookbook was not cost an additional five dollars.]

The price of over $10,000 also included a two week programming course. I can see it now, as the clueless husband announces on Christmas morning, "Honey, I got you a new computer recipe holder and it'll only take two weeks of an intensive programming course for you to use it!!"

The Honeywell Kitchen Computer not only stored recipes and planned menus...according to the description, it also could be used to balance the family checkbook.

In case you were wondering, the most expensive item in that year's catalog was 100,000 gallons of Aramis men's cologne which would be delivered to your home in fifty 5-gallon jugs...for the bargain price of only five million dollars!! (see picture)

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The cover of the 1969 Neiman-Marcus Christmas Catalog. The famous Honeywell Kitchen Computer. The only item that cost MORE than the Kitchen computer.