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 YEAR: 1965
 ITEM: Analog Computer
 COMPANY: Beckman Instruments Inc.
RARITY: Not rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

Beckman Electrocomp Electric Heating Computer

A view of the vintage Beckman Electrocomp Electric Heating Computer an important part of computer history
Beckman Instruments, Inc. made a number of very large analog computers starting in the early 1960's. This was one of their smallest computers. The Electrocomp, which was made in cooperation with the Electric Heating Association, Inc., is an extrememly basic portable computer. It was used to assist electric heating salesmen with heating calculations. Inside, there are only a few diodes, resistors, and capacitors. We couldn't even find a transistor, let alone an integrated circuit! The original selling price was $135.

Here's the pitch, mentioned in the manual and sales flyer:

"The Electrocomp is a portable, electronic computer designed to calculate quickly and accurately the overall heat loss of a structure in KW, and the annual operating cost in dollars. It can also be used to make individual calculations to determine room by room equipment requirements. Although accurate enough for engineering purposes, the Electrocomp is primarily a sales aid and is designed to help the salesman either to qualify a conversion prospect or to close the sale on the first call. It is made, sold, and warranted by Beckman Instruments Incorporated by arrangement with the Electric Heating Association."

We are not sure when this computer was originally manufactured. We believe it to be in the mid-1960's. If you have any information on this computer, please contact us.

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   Clarissa Webb     Athens , U.S.     August 17, 2015

       I have one similar to this but has more options and buttons, I can't seem to find anything out about it online

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It's the case.  Very James Bond, eh? Open shot of the Beckman. Yes, that's most of the circuit. Underneath a potentiometer. Some markings on the board. The documentation that came with this unit. Underside of the board. Overview of the unit and its controls and such. Cost Meter KW and Cost Brochure 1 Cover Brochure 1 Inside Left Brochure 1 Inside Right Brochure 1 Back Operating Instructions Cover Operating Instructions Inside Left Operating Instructions Inside Right Calibrating Instructions Cover Calibrating Instructions Correction Message Calibrating Instructions Inside Left Calibrating Instructions Inside Right