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 YEAR: June 1975
 ITEM: Periodical
 PUBLISHER: 73, Inc.
  Number: 177
RARITY: Not rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

73 Magazine #177 June 1975

A view of the vintage 73 Magazine #177 June 1975 an important part of computer history

Talk about controversy!! An article in this issue of 73 magazine resulted in a California Superior Court order to have the issue destroyed!! The article, entitled "Inside Ma Bell" provided the readers with directions on how to build a "Blue Box" which could be used to make phone calls without paying for them. As you might imagine, the telephone company was not happy about this article and Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company (PacBell) brought suit against 73 magazine. PacBell prevailed and 73 magazine was enjoined from printing future articles containing information that might be used to defraud the telephone company. 73 magazine was also order not to distribute any extra copies of the magazine it still had that contained the article in it (I guess they could have removed the article and distributed the extra magazines). In addition, the Court ordered that 73 magazine figure out which of the subscribers were libraries (based on the mailing list) and then notify the libraries of the Court's order to remove the magazines from the library.

The Superior Court of the State of California ruling #126265:
Each of the Defendants, and each person acting in concert with it, him, or her, is hereby perpetually enjoined and restrained from disseminating, publishing, printing, selling, giving, transferring, or conveying by any means or by any manner, plans instructions, or advice respecting the making, assembly, acquisition, possession, or use of any instrument, apparatus or device, stratagem, code, scheme, deception, false pretense or trick which the Defendant knows, or by reasonably investigation should know, has as its purpose the avoidance of charges for the use of telephone, telegraph, and/or any other type of telecommunications service in which the Bell System is a participant.

Notice to Libraries. Within sixty (60) days following entry of this judgment, Defendant 73 Inc., shall notify each subscriber to 73 Magazine as of June 1975 that appears to 73, Inc. from its subscriber list to be a library, of the existence and contents of this judgment and shall request that each such library refrain from displaying or circulating the article complained of in the complaint on file herein, or any reprint or copy thereof.

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