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 YEAR: late 1970's
 ITEM: Marketing Material
 PUBLISHER: Southwest Technical Products Corporation
RARITY: Not rare   Click here for further information on our rarity scale Information on the rarity of this item is unknown.

Southwest Technical Products Corporation AC-30/6800 flyer

A view of the vintage Southwest Technical Products Corporation AC-30/6800 flyer an important part of computer history
Flyer for Southwest Technical Products Corporation showing their AC-30 cassette interface on the front and their 6800 computer system on the back. Three-hole punched, margins suggest that it was printed off-center for that intention.

Long before there were memory sticks or hard drives or floppies you had to key in your programs by hand. Of course, if you were lucky, you could store your programs on a cassette tape. As the ad says, "Been looking for a practical way to input and dump programs to your computer? Well your search is over." The AC-30 let you control two audio cassette recorders independently...if you were wealthy enough to have splurged for two audio cassette recorders! The reverse side of the flyer is an ad for the 6800 computer and uses humour to describe the experience of owning an SWTPC 6800 computer.

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Ad for the AC-30 Cassette interface. Humorous text describing the 6800...even in the order form.